Easy to Learn Korean 1621 – President Moon Jae-in (part three).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1107 – Ieodo.

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Easy to Learn Korean 885 – Gaeseong Industrial Complex (North Korea)

885-Gaeseong Industrial Complex

Easy to Learn Korean 854 – Comparing Things: Less than/More than


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North Korea’s bluff

Excellent New York Times article that rationalizes North Korea’s strong rhetoric, explains the calm South Korean attitudes, and discusses why the international community shouldn’t be overly concerned.

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Easy to Learn Korean 348-349 – Combat and the Gaeseong Industrial Complex

North Korea suspended operations of the joint venture Gaeseong Industrial Complex this week. The site makes low-tech goods such as appliances in additional to clothing. According to the Korea Times, 123 manufacturing companies employee 479 South Koreans and 53,000 North Korean factory workers.

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