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Book Side View WhiteAn Illustrated Guide to Korean is 18.93 on Amazon (free shipping for Prime members). It’s also on sale for 10% off at Hank’s Bookstore (Seoul Selection Bookshop) in Seoul (13,320Won).


Round-head plastic surgery.

SurgeryThe Korean internet and TV programs are chattering over the comeback of round head plastic surgery. If the back of your head appears flat or un-rounded, look no further than the surgeons of South Korea for a fix. A small cut is made at the back of the head and bone cement is injected to form a rounder surface. This is not a popular surgery, but it’s certainly the most talked about one.

뒷통수dwit-tong-su – backside of the head
성형 – plastic surgery

뒷통수 성형 – Back of head plastic surgery

More here (in Korean) with pictures.


Learning Korean ABCs with Ryan Estrada.

RyanRyan Estrada is responsible for a fantastic Korean comic book entitled Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes. The comic does a wonderful job of teaching by association. He teaches the Korean alphabet by choosing English words and sounds which are pictorially similar to Korean letters.
For example, ㅂ, which sounds like a ‘b’, is associated with the a “bucket” (b)ucket. Continue reading


Buses that are charged by road coil – Inductive Charging

BusKorean KAIST engineers have dreamed up a wireless charging system for buses that offers 85% energy efficiency. This allows for smaller and cheaper batteries than are found in today’s electric vehicles. Continue reading


It’s too hot! Hotels required to keep temperatures above 26 degrees

HotelGuests at Korean hotels are complaining about not being able to use the Air Conditioning to cool down their rooms. Continue reading


The online race in Korea

PCThe Korea Times has an article this week that offers tips to get ahead in the online race: getting preferred university classes, train tickets during the holiday rush, and scoring good seats at a music concert.