Easy to Learn Korean 1588 – Death from overwork.

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Easy to Learn Korean 482, 487-488, 529 – Oriental medicine.

This article is part of a series written by a Korean Oriental medicine doctor in the Korea Times. He provides a good overview of Chinese/Korean-style medicine and dismisses some of the myths about it.

And here’s all of our articles on Korean-style Oriental Medicine.

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Easy to Learn Korean 916 – At the Hospital (Part Two).

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Nutrition – Top well-being foods

YogurtTime magazine’s top 10 list of well-being foods were chosen to meet the following requirements: lower cholesterol levels, fight against heart disease and cancer, and aid in longevity. Continue reading

Easy to Learn Korean 865 – Healthy Living

865-Healthy Living
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Easy to Learn Korean 807- Getting a Medical Examination

807-Medical Examination

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