Nutrition – Top well-being foods

YogurtTime magazine’s top 10 list of well-being foods were chosen to meet the following requirements: lower cholesterol levels, fight against heart disease and cancer, and aid in longevity. Most of these items are readily available and regularly consumed in Korea. Whole grain oats (oatmeal) are not found in Korean foods but many breakfast cereals contain them. Barley, is a local whole grain food that has similar health benefits to oats. Blueberries became accessible in recent years and are found fresh and frozen in most supermarkets.

Blueberries – 블루 베리 beullu-beri
Broccoli – 브로콜리 beurokolli
Yogurt – 요구르트 yogu-reuteu
Salmon – 연어 – yeoneo
Almonds – 아몬드 – amondeu
Oats – 귀리 – gwiri
Barley* – 보리 – bori *Not on the list