Easy to Learn Korean 1616 – Obsess over something (part two).

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Coffee fever – Seoul has the highest number of Starbucks shops in the world.

If you’ve been to Seoul, it’s not surprise that Seoul has a record 284 Starbucks coffee shops.

Specialty cafes popping up around Seoul.

If you’re interested in specialty cafes that serve drinks and desserts beyond a latte and a bagel, check out this story at the Korea Times. The article has some great pictures too.

My favorite: green tea adzuki bean sherbet.

Easy to Learn Korean 977 – Cause and effect.

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Why are there so few tea shops in Korea?


When I arrived in Korea seven years ago, there were many non-specialized coffee shops that served beer, soda, and not so great coffee. Today, it’s completely different story. There are great coffee shops on every corner. My little neighborhood has no less than 10 coffee shops within a 3 to 4 minute walk. Koreans prefer local food over foreign food but not for soft drinks.
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Easy to Learn Korean 919 – Spare Time.

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