Easy to Learn Korean 482, 487-488, 529 – Oriental medicine.

This article is part of a series written by a Korean Oriental medicine doctor in the Korea Times. He provides a good overview of Chinese/Korean-style medicine and dismisses some of the myths about it.

And here’s all of our articles on Korean-style Oriental Medicine.

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Why are there so few tea shops in Korea?


When I arrived in Korea seven years ago, there were many non-specialized coffee shops that served beer, soda, and not so great coffee. Today, it’s completely different story. There are great coffee shops on every corner. My little neighborhood has no less than 10 coffee shops within a 3 to 4 minute walk. Koreans prefer local food over foreign food but not for soft drinks.
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Easy to Learn Korean 818 – Inviting people to your home

818-Inviting People to Your Home

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Easy to Learn Korean 805 – Drinking Tea

805-Drinking Tea

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Mini mart drinks


Had to run some errands today and noticed water coffee in the local mini mart (picture center). I haven’t seen it before and it made me think about the types of drinks that people like.

In Taiwan and China, for example, bottled tea is very popular. Sadly there aren’t many choices for bottled tea in Korea. There’s the American sweetened variety, the diet type for slimming, and barley tea. However, Koreans do love their coffee and there’s at least one coffee shop on every block.