Easy to Learn Korean 1453 – A married daughter.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1433 – Virtue of humility.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1403 – Generation, time period (part one).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1362 – Hard life in Korea-Hell Joseon.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1053 – Korean poems – Sijo.

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Obama returns 9 royal seals to Korea (dojang).

Yesterday, Obama returned 9 Korean royal seals during his visit with President Park Geun-Hye. He then became the first US President to tour Gyeongbok Palace, the famed royal residence of the Joseon Dynasty. The Korean government has been making extra efforts to locate and recover missing cultural treasures in recent years.

Three of the seals were state seals and the other six were ceremonial seals. The three state seals were used directly by former kings of the Korean Empire and Joseon Dynasty. The Hwangjejibo seal, dating back to 1897, was used by King Gojong after establishing the first post-Joseon kingdom. It is known as the Seal of the Emperor.

452-Personal Seal453-Corporate Seal

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