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Simply put, we love everything Korean. We have over 20 years experience in writing and instruction, are fluent in Korean and English as content creators, and live and work in South Korea. Our unique position allows us to provide the most accurate colloquial expressions and cultural tips in a Korean language learning series.


The Easy to Learn Korean series was published four times a week in the Korea Times English newspaper in Seoul, South Korea and ran from 2009-2019, often as the most visited story of the day. Today, the series has over 150,000 daily views across social networking sites.

We also contribute periodically to the Gangnam News newspaper. And starting in January 2020, you can find us in Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s Monthly Newsletter.


An updated version of the series’ content is available as a second-print, 308-page book titled, An Illustrated Guide to Korean: Essential Words and Phrases.

Series essentials

    1. Bite-sized learning modules that enable quick absorption of Korean culture and language
    2. Illustrated vocabulary that’s easy to memorize
    3. Focus on traditional and modern Korean culture from a Western perspective
    4. Practical everyday real-world sentences with culturally accurate translations
    5. Supplementary vocabulary words marked in contrasting color to breakdown grammatical structures
    6. Commonly spoken Korean words with -요 endings. The informal polite -요 is a crucial part of the beginner’s tools. Many books and websites start with the formal polite -니다 ending words which aren’t useful in everyday speech. Instead, we cover -니다 in a supplementary manner.
    7. Formal and informal colloquial expressions for use in the office or with friends
    8. Korean food and ingredients as well as the latest restauarant trends
    9. Internet and spoken slang that is used throughout TV dramas, movies, and the Korean internet
    10. Essential four character Chinese idioms that are used in everyday speech
    11. Unique topics of interest not found in other books or websites
    12. A Korean and English searchable website

For native Korean speakers, we offer accurate English translations of everyday Korean expressions

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