Easy to Learn Korean 1550 – Petit cosmetic surgery (part one).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1507 – Chinese tourists (part one).

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South Korean plastic surgeon attempts to create the perfect face.

There’s a bit of online talk over what the perfect face looks like, in the eyes of Koreans. What do you think?

Round-head plastic surgery.

SurgeryThe Korean internet and TV programs are chattering over the comeback of round head plastic surgery. If the back of your head appears flat or un-rounded, look no further than the surgeons of South Korea for a fix. A small cut is made at the back of the head and bone cement is injected to form a rounder surface. This is not a popular surgery, but it’s certainly the most talked about one.

뒷통수dwit-tong-su – backside of the head
성형 – plastic surgery

뒷통수 성형 – Back of head plastic surgery

More here (in Korean) with pictures.

Government to add 10% tax to cosmetic surgery.

As the self-proclaimed plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery capital of Asia, it seems logical that Korea will push to add a 10% VAT to all cosmetic surgeries.

A permanent smile – “lip tail” plastic surgery in Korea

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