Easy to Learn Korean 885 – Gaeseong Industrial Complex (North Korea)

885-Gaeseong Industrial Complex

South Korea’s image takes a hit

TourWith all of the recent drama between North Korea and the world, tourism at the DMZ is flourishing. The tradeoff is that the slander and constant threats from the North are tarnishing South Korea’s image. And that’s exactly what the North wants.
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Easy to Learn Korean 205-206 – North Korea


Missiles or crayons?

MissileIn today’s news, the Korea Herald reports that up to 70% of North Korean missiles are pointed at South Korea. Click here for the 1000 Missile Story.

    Father – 아버지 (abeoji)
    Kim Jong-Il – 김정일 (gim jeong-il)

    Son – 아들 (adeul)
    Kim Jong-Eun 김정은 (gim jeong-eun)

205-North Korea 1

206- North Korea 2