Easy to Learn Korean 1731 – Blood Type (part one).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1640 – Living together.

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Challenges for mixed couples adopting and residing in Korea.

While it’s getting more difficult for the international community to adopt from Korea, it’s even harder for mixed couples residing here. The Korea Times shared a story about the hardships of adoption faced by an American husband and Korean wife couple living in Gyeonggi Province.

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Easy to Learn Korean 968 – Avian Influenza.

Update: “The virus is usually spread by migratory birds.” The word, generally-일반적으로, is missing from the beginning of the sentence. It should read: 일반적으로 그 바이러스는 철새로 인해 전염되요. [Thanks to reader David So for pointing that out^^]

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Easy to Learn Korean 813 – Small Cuts and First Aid

813-Small Cuts and First Aid

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