China’s Lenovo a direct threat to Korean Android phones.

SmartphoneThe global Android phone market continues to bloat with Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola from Google. China’s Lenovo, is quickly becoming a direct competitor to LG and Samsung. With the purchase of Motorola mobile, Lenovo becomes the third largest global smartphone maker, pushing LG to fourth place.

Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola from Google set them back $2.91-billion. Seems that Google had purchased Motorola simply to retain their phone patents. Interesting timing as Google recently announced a cross-licensing agreement with Samsung for 10-years.

South Koreans are world’s biggest drinkers (by a large margin).

It should come as no surprise to those who live here – measured in shots of spirits per week, not including beer, Korea tops the list of the heaviest drinkers in a list of 44 surveyed countries. The average Korean, based on the survey results, drinks 13.7 shots in a week, 97% of which is soju. Russia came in second and the US was ranked tenth. Survey by EuroMonitor.

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91-Alcohol 192-Alcohol 2
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