South Koreans are world’s biggest drinkers (by a large margin).

It should come as no surprise to those who live here – measured in shots of spirits per week, not including beer, Korea tops the list of the heaviest drinkers in a list of 44 surveyed countries. The average Korean, based on the survey results, drinks 13.7 shots in a week, 97% of which is soju. Russia came in second and the US was ranked tenth. Survey by EuroMonitor.

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91-Alcohol 192-Alcohol 2
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Soju tops world’s best selling alcohol list.

We knew it had to be at the top of the list considering the volume of soju that’s consumed in South Korea. Soju is also catching on in the UK and US. Besides straight-up shots, it’s great when mixed with juice to make cocktails. In case you were wondering, Jinro Soju is the best selling brand of soju.

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Easy to Learn Korean 896 – Exotic Foods – Silkworms.

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Easy to Learn Korean 5,6,731-734 – Numbers and Counting


Numbers come in two forms: Korean and Sino-Korean numbers. Koreans use many special Counting words with them.

Here’s the complete Numbers and Counting sets!

5- Numbers 16-Numbers 2

731-Counting Things 1732-Counting Things 2

733-Counting Things 3734-Counting 4

735- Counting Things 5