Easy to Learn Korean 980 – A hypocritical person.

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Hyundai Motor Company continues to fall in quality and dependability ratings.

Hyundai moves to 16th place out of the 23 car makers ranked by Consumer Reports for 2014. This is the second year that it’s slipped. The American Tesla Model S was their top pick.

Hyundai was also ranked poorly for dependability by JD Power. That ranking comes from reported problems for the prior 12 months with ranking according to dependability (Hyundai took 27th place out of the 31 ranked brands). GM, with many cars designed and built in Korea, ranked highest with 8 segment awards.

Easy to Learn Korean 979 – Planets in our solar system.

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Buckwheat jelly, acorn jelly, potato-rice cake, and soybean soup.

Restaurant Name: 민속콩탕 minsok-kong-tang. 민속 means ‘folk’ and 콩탕 means ‘soybean soup’. It’s a small quaint soybean restaurant located in Yongin City, Geihung district, about an hour south of Seoul. The Korean Folk Village (민속촌 minsok-chon) is located directly opposite of the shop.

We ordered the 30,000Won 3-person set. It included a larger selection of food and side dishes including chestnut pancakes, soybean porridge, stinky tofu soup. Definitely recommended if you’re out to see the Folk Village.

메밀묵 memil-muk -buckwheat jelly (jelly pic on left)
도토리묵 dotori-muk -acorn jelly (jelly pic on right)
감자떡 gamja-tteok -potato mixed with rice cake (white, bottom left)
콩탕 kongtang -soybean soup (right side, immediately below)

MinSokKongTang 3

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Easy to Learn Korean 978 – Online eating shows.

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