Easy to Learn Korean 1535 – Slang words to express surprise.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1261 – Three women and a broken plate.

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It’s the weekend – Korean BBQ and Soju-Beer (37,40)

BBQ PorkSoMak GlassKorean barbeque always tops the list of favorite foods for foreigners. Table grilling offers a unique bonding experience, much like a backyard picnic. And like any BBQ, beer and soju are a must. There are many different ratios for making so-maek, which is a mixture of soju and beer (maekju). Some restaurants even provide special measuring glasses that aid in creating the perfect recipe. If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll see that soju is poured first followed by the beer…it’s up to you to choose the best mix. Here’s a picture of the same Hite-Jinro so-maek glass. And more pictures.

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Easy to Learn Korean 782 – Washing Dishes (Part Two)

Including parts 1 and 2 for easy reference.
781-Washing Dishes782-Washing Dishes 2