Easy to Learn Korean 1508 – Chinese tourists (part two).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1485 – Aquariums.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1414 – Women divers.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1310 – Floating islands on the Han River (part two).

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Korea to surpass Thailand as top destination for Chinese tourists.

According to the Korea Times, Korea is expected to surpass Thailand as the top international destination for Chinese tourists in 2014. 5.6 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel to Korea within 2014. The sharp rise is due to an increase in airline routes/planes to Korea as well the popular 30-day visa-waiver program for Chinese citizens bound for Jeju Island.

Most travelled route in the world: Seoul to Jeju.

Serviced by 7 airlines and with flights nearly every 5 minutes, Seoul to Jeju Island is the most travelled route in the world.