Samsung Note 4 released with major design flaws, now trending as Gapgate.

The Samsung Note 4 phone apparently shipped to market too early in order to compete with the successful iPhone 6 launch. Samsung has already acknowledged that there are major defects in the phone body but has yet to provide a resolution. The jokes are trending on Twitter under #gapgate.


Samsung profits fall 24.5% in the second quarter based on poor phone and tablet sales.

Samsung profits continue to fall for the third straight quarter. Not since the third quarter of 2012 have profits been so low. The profits were weaker than expected and blamed on poor phone and tablet sales, over-shipments of lackluster smartphones, the recently-strong Korean Won, and strong competition from the iPhone and numerous Chinese smartphone makers. Samsung faces an uphill battle to grow their phone and tablet business as loyalty to the brand falls. Users blame lackluster new phone features, poor battery life, faulty batteries, unstable Samsung-branded add-on apps, and other quality issues. As Apple prepares large-screen scratch resistant iPhones, Samsung needs to look for new growth engines as analysts predict sales to continue to lag.


How much time we spend using devices.

Fascinating infographic that breaks down daily time spent using phones, tablets, TVs, and computers. The chart includes many countries, besides Korea.
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Now supports Google+

The ETLK website now supports Google+. Search for
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Easy to Learn Korean 799 – Instant Noodles (Part One)

799-Instant noodles 1


Easy to Learn Korean 779 – Grammar-Punctuation


779-Grammar Punctuation

Practice speaking Korean and punctuation!
Apple’s Voice dictation is a fun way to practice speaking Korean. Korean is available on your iPhone or iPad; enable it from the menu: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Choose Add New Keyboard.

To Use:
Open Notes, Email, Messages or any program that supports voice dictation. Press the globe icon in the lower left to toggle languages to enable Korean. Next, press the microphone icon (next to the spacebar) and start speaking in Korean.

-Voice dictation recognizes spoken punctuation too. Try using the terms in this article and see if it can understand your pronounciation.

-You can also enable Siri to recognize spoken Korean for voice control. Settings > General > Siri > Language > Korean* (This is a bit more advanced, so practice simple dictation first.)

-Mac computers also have Voice Dictation built-in. Once enabled, press the (fn) key twice to begin and once to stop.

*Ensure that you have an internet connection for both of these features.