First edition book nearly sold out.

We want to thank all of our gracious readers for purchasing our book over the last year. We’re happy to announce that the first print is nearly sold out and a second edition is in printing now.

The book is available at all major Korean bookstores, the Seoul Selection website,, and even at Incheon airport’s bookstore (see picture below, top row).

Incheon book

More books arriving at Korean bookstores soon.

Book-IconWe want to thank everyone who’s purchased or is planning to purchase An Illustrated Guide to Korean. The book is selling very well with some bookstores already out of stock and more arriving soon.

If your local Korean bookstore is out of stock, please ask them to order more. ^^ Continue reading

Online Korean bookstores looking to overseas markets



Good news for Korea’s expanding overseas book markets and international online bookstores. With warehouses in the US and other markets, Korean publishers can reduce shipping time from 10+ days to less than 2 days.

  Korea Times:
  Korea Times

  Seoul Selection’s international website.

  Seoul Selection USA website. Also available at Amazon.