Info-graphic – Matchmaking marriage summary.

A new info-graphic that summarizes a survey of 3,0000 couples over the last three years. The survey, by the matchmaking firm Duo, shows that the average age of a female getting married for the first time is 32 and a male is 35.


53% of married Korean women rate personal happiness and career above having a baby

Baby2Of 4,500 married women surveyed by the KIHASA (Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs), 53% say that having a baby is not crucial to their marriage. And having a boy is only favored by 33% of respondents.
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Korean Baby Boomers unprepared for post-retirement life

Baby-BoomersAccording to a recent survey by the MetLife Korea Foundation and several other organizations, Baby Boomers (50-58 year old Koreans) are not happy with their post-retirement life.
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More men marrying older women

Wedding According to Statistics Korea (NSO), the average age of a Seoul female getting married has risen to over 30 years. Older wife-younger husband couples make up 17% of the total number of married couples in Korea.
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