Easy to Learn Korean 1369 – Women (part one).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1033 – Married and off-the-market.

1033-Married and off the market

Info-graphic – Matchmaking marriage summary.

A new info-graphic that summarizes a survey of 3,0000 couples over the last three years. The survey, by the matchmaking firm Duo, shows that the average age of a female getting married for the first time is 32 and a male is 35.

Korean baseball and the rise of the female fan base


The number of female fans attending baseball games is near even with males. It’s no surprise as the local game is a bit more accessible (and fun). Continue reading

More men marrying older women

Wedding According to Statistics Korea (NSO), the average age of a Seoul female getting married has risen to over 30 years. Older wife-younger husband couples make up 17% of the total number of married couples in Korea.
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