Korean baseball and the rise of the female fan base


The number of female fans attending baseball games is near even with males. It’s no surprise as the local game is a bit more accessible (and fun).

Here’s why Korean baseball games are so fun (and why I prefer them over a MLB games):

-Inexpensive tickets that are easy to get (and the Seoul Olympic Baseball Stadium is huge). Ballpark food and souvenirs are cheap too.
-Inexpensive parking and easy access by bus or subway (to Seoul games)
-Can bring food or drink into the stadium (back home only water, at least in Fenway Park). I often grab boneless chicken, sushi, beer,..
-Songs, cheerleaders, and a male cheering leader (the adjacent area is non-stop fan cheering and singing–get seats here). The stadium is divided in seating for fans of each team so there’s a bit of camaraderie and less boo-ing.
-Inflatable rally sticks to make a little noise

If you make it to Korea you really should catch a game; especially if you think you won’t like it.