Easy to Learn Korean 224, 682 – Gwiyomi lyrics, 1+1 Gwiyomi Player, and Acting Cute.

Updated on 10/14/2020
CuteSince earlier this year, the 1+1 Gwiyomi Player game and Gwiyomi chant have gained popularity across the internet. If you do a YouTube search, you’ll see many singers and actresses performing this song-game. Korean girls play this in order to woo men who love the cute factor- and all Korean men love it. This game is also known as Aegyo Gwiyomi or Cutie Player.




      (aegyo) – someone who is acting really cute [noun]


      (gwi-yeopda) – to be cute, charming, sweet – [verb]


      (gwi-yomi) – slang expression for a person who is being cute [noun, not standard Korean]

귀요미 플레이어

    (gwi-yomi-peulle-ieo) – Literally “Gwiyomi Player” [noun]

682-Skill of Acting Cute

1더하기 1은 귀요미 > 2더하기 2는 귀요미 > 3더하기 3은 귀요미 > 4더하기 4는 귀요미 > 5더하기 5는 귀요미 > 6더하기 6은 쪽쪽쪽쪽쪽쪽 귀요미.

Literal Translation:
1 + 1 = 귀요미 > 2 + 2 = 귀요미 > 3 + 3 = 귀요미 > 4 + 4 = 귀요미 > 5 + 5 = 귀요미 > 6 + 6 = jjok jjok jjok jjok jjok jjok (sound of kissing six fingers).




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Phonetic Pronunciation:
il-deo-hagi ir-eun gwiyomi > i-deo-hagi i-neun gwiyomi > sam-deo-hagi sam-eun gwiyomi > sa-deo-hagi sa-neun gwiyomi > o-deo-hagi o-neun gwiyomi > yuk-deo-hagi yuk-neun jjok jjok jjok jjok jjok jjok gwiyomi.

Additional Info:
Here’s a site with some good tutorials.

224-Math 1

No one knows who wrote the original, but Hari is credited with writing the Gwiyomi Song and incorporating the hand-gestures into the song. Here she is performing it.


        (Hari) – 23 year old girl who’s now signed to a talent agency.


        (Gwiyomi Song)

하리 귀요미송 동영상

(Hari gwiyomi-son dongyeong-sang) – Hari’s Song Video

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