Easy to Learn Korean 1089 – Hunger strike.

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Easy to Lean Korean 969 – Social issues: self-immolation.

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March 1 Independence Movement – Easy to Learn Korean 395-396

Korean Flag
One of the many Korean flags seen along Nonhyeon Rd in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

This weekend, flags were placed along the trunk streets of Seoul in honor of the March, 1 1919 Korean Independence Movement and Park Geun-Hye’s Inauguration Ceremony. Taegukgi (태극기) is the name of the Korean flag.

The holiday commemorates the quintessential non-violent demonstration of Koreans against Japanese colonial rule via a Declaration of Independence. Korea was a Japanese colony from 1910-1945.

395 March 1st Independent Movement396 March 1st Independent Movement 2