Bingsu gets an upgrade at Seoul hotels

Update 7/13/2013 More great places to try bingsu.

A hot summer day isn’t complete without a bowl of bingsu. And if you’re in Seoul this summer, you really should try it at one of these hotels. Bingsu is a Korean dessert made with a foundation of shaved ice and topped with: condensed milk, sweetened red beans, fruit, ice cream, corn flakes, green tea powder, flavored syrups, sliced rice cake, and just about anything else you can think of. (Our favorite is still served atop the Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong-dong.)

And fast food chains have their own inexpensive versions if you’re on a budget.

빙수 bingsu – shaved ice with other ingredients (ice cream and sliced fruit)
팥빙수 pat-bingsu – shaved ice with sweet red beans (and other ingredients)