Frozen ice cream – banana shake pouches

Banana ShakeThis pouch-style frozen ice cream shake is popular in supermarket and corner store freezers. Flavors include cookies & cream, vanilla, coffee, and banana. The name of the banana shake, pictured here, is Excitement.

설레임seolleim – excitement
바나나 쉐이크banana sweikeu – banana shake

아이스 가이 피치

This frozen cup of peach flavored ice is called ‘Ice Guy Peach’. It contains 10% peach juice. Continue reading

Bbong-tta (frozen watermelon juice)

32 degrees Celsius- Another hot day that calls for another frozen dessert, Binggrae’s bbong-tta frozen watermelon juice .

Although it only contains 3% juice, it tastes ok and is not too sweet (115 calories). The name bbong-tta is the sound and action of opening the plastic bottle –pop sound while tearing it open. Continue reading