Seoul’s electronic flea markets.

This article reminded me how much fun the electronic markets were before internet shopping became popular. Yongsan and Hwanghakdong’s electronic street are still popular places to buy PC parts and other electronics. Yongsan, in particular, is especially good for PC parts.

A favorite place of mine is Gukje Jeonja Center (International Electronics Center) located in Seocho-gu. It has 9 floors of electronics (though that’s slowly eroding) and an entire floor of import console videogames and Japanese toys (anime). When we moved here in 2007, it was a great place to buy nearly everything: phones, appliances, TVs, audio equipment,… and it’s still worth visiting if you appreciate hands-on shopping.

Directions: Take the Seoul Line 3 subway to Nambu Bus Terminal exit 3 and go to the 9th floor. Here’s some pictures from a fan. There’s a food court floor there too if you get hungry. For Yongsan’s PC market, take Subway line 1 to Yongsan Station. More here and here.

벼룩시장 byoruk sijang flea market (taken literally from English)
국제전자센터 guk-je jeonja senteo International Electronics Center

An article on this topic will be be coming out with additional details.