Samsung suspected leukemia cases to be addressed.

151 Samsung factory workers have been diagnosed with leukemia since starting work at Samsung Electronics in Korea. 58 of them have also died at a very young age. The high number of cases is very unusual and it’s surprising that accountability and liability have been swept under the rug. For years, Samsung has hushed the issue and denied any link between the hazardous chemicals at their plants and leukemia, refusing to make any apologies.

The Korea Times reports that on Monday, Samsung announced that they will soon take an official position on the issue. Many families have been suffering in their fight against the largest conglomerate in Korea. It’s nearly impossible to stand up against a bully who controls everything, especially what people can say about them publicly.

A bill is also being proposed by a government representative to force Samsung to apologize and compensate surviving family members.

Note: This story is not available on the Korea Times website and only in the printed newspaper (can you guess why?) Also, the story says ‘several workers’ instead of 151. To date, the court has only been able to hold Samsung accountable for a very few number of cases.