Easy to Learn Korean 326-328 – Crime

LaptopOn Wednesday afternoon, organized cyber attacks took out several Korean banks and broadcasters for 2 hours. The attacks were incorrectly pinpointed to an IP address in China and regulators will not make further announcements until a definitive source is found.

It hasn’t been confirmed that the attacks were organized by one entity but it is suspected to be the case. Up to 32,000 computers were compromised and data restoration could take up to 5 days. North Korea is believed to be behind six major South Korean cyber attacks in the last five years.

사이버테러대응센터 (saibeo-tereo-dae-eung-senteo) Cyber Terror Response Center (CTRC)
경찰청 (gyeong-chal-cheong) Korea National Police Agency (KNPA)
방송통신위원회 (bangsong-tongsin-wiwon-hoe) Korea Communications Commission (KCC)


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