Easy to Learn Korean 288-289 – Yeouido in Seoul

This weekend kicked off the annual cherry blossom/spring festival at Seoul’s Yeouido (Yeoui Island). There are over 1400 cherry blossom trees there.

When: Friday April 12 thru Thursday April 18
Where: Yeouido, Seoul
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Easy to Learn Korean 772-773 – Park Geun-Hye


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Korea’s new President, Park Geun-Hye, had her inauguration today at the National Assembly building on Seoul’s Yeouido (island) alongside 77,000 selected citizens and politicians. The post-inaugural parade took her to Gwanghwmun Plaza in northern Seoul and finally to the nearby capitol building, Cheong Wa Dae. This is a return to the Blue House for Park since she already lived there for 15 years as the daughter of the late President Chung-Hee. She was also promoted to the post of First Lady for five years, following the assassination of her mother in 1974. Interesting fact: President Park holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering (1974) and can speak five languages.

President – 대통령 daetong-nyeong
Park Geun-Hye – 박근혜

Korea Times links: (in English and Korean)
Inauguration Day ceremony
Park Geun-Hye’s Speech

773-Presidential Inauguration772-Park Geun-Hye President

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