South Korean plastic surgeon attempts to create the perfect face.

There’s a bit of online talk over what the perfect face looks like, in the eyes of Koreans. What do you think?

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Round-head plastic surgery.

SurgeryThe Korean internet and TV programs are chattering over the comeback of round head plastic surgery. If the back of your head appears flat or un-rounded, look no further than the surgeons of South Korea for a fix. A small cut is made at the back of the head and bone cement is injected to form a rounder surface. This is not a popular surgery, but it’s certainly the most talked about one.

뒷통수dwit-tong-su – backside of the head
성형 – plastic surgery

뒷통수 성형 – Back of head plastic surgery

More here (in Korean) with pictures.

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Government to add 10% tax to cosmetic surgery.

As the self-proclaimed plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery capital of Asia, it seems logical that Korea will push to add a 10% VAT to all cosmetic surgeries.

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A permanent smile – “lip tail” plastic surgery in Korea

Plastic-SurgeryA fascinating look at a surging trend in lipline surgery in South Korea. Continue reading

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Easy to Learn Korean 438-439 – Plastic surgery

438-Plastic Surgery 1 Koreans have a wide range of excuses for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Building confidence and self-esteem, getting a better job, and getting a competitive edge are the most common justifications. A rise in the standard of living and the rapid development of Korea have pushed individuals to believe that they need to constantly improve themselves. A vast industry has developed and plastic surgery has become inexpensive, accessible, safe, and socially accepted. For fun, young people get together and visit clinics to get an opinion on how they can improve their physical features. And due to peer pressure, they frequently return and proceed with the suggested surgery. Celebrities and the media portray cosmetic surgery as routine trips to the doctor’s office.

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