49 spies arrested in the past 10 years.

Spy A summary of recent spy activity in South Korea that includes 49 arrests in 10 years. Nearly half of these were people disguised as North Korean defectors. Continue reading

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Easy to Learn Korean 904 – Inter-Korean Family Reunion.

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Easy to Learn Korean 885 – Gaeseong Industrial Complex (North Korea)

885-Gaeseong Industrial Complex

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Easy to Learn Korean 854 – Comparing Things: Less than/More than


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South Korea requests talks with the North to resume business at the Gaesong Industrial Complex

175 South Korean workers remain at the closed Gaeseong Industrial Complex across the border in North Korea. 53,000 North Korean factory workers are out of work while the complex remains closed. South Korea requested talks on Wednesday to resume business at Gaeseong, however the North refused to discuss the matter. Story here.

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