Easy to Learn Korean 1483 – THAAD missile defense system (part one).

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Easy to Learn Korean 1306 – It can wait until after the meal.

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Easy to Learn Korean 1123 – Fear and anxiety.

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What North Korea and South Korea look like at night.

A nighttime shot of North and South Korea. The photo was taken from the International Space Station (ISS) on 1/30/2014. The article mentions that Seoul has over 25 million people living in the greater metro area, and it shows.

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80 South Koreans meet separated family members for first and last time this weekend.

The first of this week’s Inter-Korean reunions between North and South Korean family members ended today in Mount Gumkang, North Korea. 80 eldery South Koreans met 180 North Korean family members for the first and last time in over 60 years. A total of 10 hours were spent together over the three-day period before saying their final goodbyes.

A second group of 361 SK’s and 88 NK’s will begin a 3-day meet up on Sunday. This is the fifth set of reunions between the North and South.

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