We made Amazon’s best seller list!

AIGTKAn Illustrated Guide to Korean is on Amazon’s Best Seller list!
Published by Seoul Selection, An Illustrated Guide to Korean has placed 66th on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Travel Language Phrasebooks. This is meaningful to us because the list includes not only Korean, but also Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and other languages of the world.
The book had also been selected by the Korean Publisher’s Association as one of the books to represent Korea at the 2015 New Delhi World Book Fair.

If you reside in a country other than Korea and wish to purchase this book click here.
If you reside in Korea and wish to purchase this book go to the Seoul Selection bookshop.
You can also check out and purchase the book at Kyobo Bookstore, Seoul Bookstore, Bandi & Luni’s, Incheon Airport’s Gyeongin Bookstore and other major bookstores offline.

First edition book nearly sold out.

We want to thank all of our gracious readers for purchasing our book over the last year. We’re happy to announce that the first print is nearly sold out and a second edition is in printing now.

The book is available at all major Korean bookstores, the Seoul Selection website, Amazon.com, and even at Incheon airport’s bookstore (see picture below, top row).

Incheon book

Now available on Amazon.com – An Illustrated Guide to Korean.

We’re happy to announce that our book, An Illustrated Guide to Korean, is now available on Amazon.com. http://amzn.com/1624120121. Click the small link for ‘3 New’ to order. We’ve posted a couple preview pages there too.
Book Cover

It’s in stock and being sold by our publisher, Seoul Selection USA. The initial direct-supply sold out and Amazon will eventually receive more direct-sell copies (no date, sorry). A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (really, ㅋㅋ) goes into this series and purchasing the book is a great way to support us. And stay tuned, we have a lot more in store for you guys!

감사합니다! Chad and Moon-Jung

More books arriving at Korean bookstores soon.

Book-IconWe want to thank everyone who’s purchased or is planning to purchase An Illustrated Guide to Korean. The book is selling very well with some bookstores already out of stock and more arriving soon.

If your local Korean bookstore is out of stock, please ask them to order more. ^^ Continue reading

Kyobo Bookstore – first spotting.

Took a trip to Kyobo Tower in Gangnam-gu, Seoul tonight. There’s a large bookseller (Kyobo Books) located on the B1 level and it’s open until 10pm. I stopped by the Information Desk and asked for a book with the ISBN 9781624120121. The desk attendant handed me this map and book locator.

Book Locator-Kyobo Continue reading