First snow in Seoul.

Hard to see in the blowing wind, but there’s snowflakes coming down.

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Competitive cultural promotion

Things are heating up in Asia as China and Japan attempt to steal some of the sunshine that Korea is currently enjoying from the world. Governments are trying to brand their countries as fun and cool and going so far as to put limits on the import of Korean TV dramas to better compete.

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Pink Zones (female-only areas).


Female-ZonePink Zones are a topic of debate and some Koreans are calling it reverse-discrimination. Several female-only areas (pink zones) have popped up across Korea as part of an effort to make women feel more comfortable and safe. These no-men zones include female-only library seating sections, lounges, smoking areas, buses, and parking. Continue reading

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A permanent smile – “lip tail” plastic surgery in Korea

Plastic-SurgeryA fascinating look at a surging trend in lipline surgery in South Korea. Continue reading

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Nutrition – Top well-being foods

YogurtTime magazine’s top 10 list of well-being foods were chosen to meet the following requirements: lower cholesterol levels, fight against heart disease and cancer, and aid in longevity. Continue reading

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