Coffee fever – Seoul has the highest number of Starbucks shops in the world.

If you’ve been to Seoul, it’s not surprise that Seoul has a record 284 Starbucks coffee shops.

Korean exporters hurt with strong appreciation of the Won.

Korean car makers, electronics manufacturers, and other businesses are hurting with the recent rise of the Korean Won against the US dollar. While the rise helps Korean vacationers and investors, it hurts businesses who export goods to foreign countries. American car makers can offer better pricing when the Won rises in value. Continue reading

Chinese man stranded in Korea with doodled passport.

While on vacation in South Korea, a four-year old used his father’s passport as a sketching pad. Both were not allowed to travel due to “unrecognizable documentation”.

Ceramics exhibit at San Francisco Airport.

8 Korean ceramic artists are currently featured at the SFO Museum’s public art exhibition called Dual Natures in Ceramics. If you’re transferring through or departing SFO, you’ll find the exhibit along the walkway in Terminal 3.

Ceramics SFO 1Ceramics SFO 2 Continue reading

How much time we spend using devices.

Fascinating infographic that breaks down daily time spent using phones, tablets, TVs, and computers. The chart includes many countries, besides Korea.
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