Korean-style Japanese pork cutlet.

A breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet at 홍익 돈까스 (Hong-ik Don-kkaseu) in Yongin city, Gyeonggi Province. Includes rice and udon noodles cooked in olive oil sauce. 8,900Won. Hong-ik is a chain restaurant with many locations in Gyeonggi and a branch in Seoul’s Dongdaemun neighborhood.

The pork cutlets are handmade and the deep fry oil is changed twice a day. Get there early as there’s usually a line during lunch and dinner hours.

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Hotel and restaurant buffet food.

Attended an 80th birthday buffet-party at the Riverside Hotel in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam Seoul. Turning 50 and 75 are big events in the US, but 70 and 80 are major celebrations here.

If you visit Korea, have brunch at one of the buffet restaurants. While not cheap, there’s a variety of food unlike I’ve seen back home. (55,000Won per person;$51USD). In general, buffets run from 25,000Won to 75,000Won. Lunch buffets are generally cheaper than dinner buffets and major credit cards get 10-15% discounts at chain buffets.

This buffet included Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Western, and lots of seafood. I enjoy the bite size desserts, especially green tea flavored cakes, pudding, and macaroons. The bilberry gelato (similar to blueberry) and grapefruit gelato were amazing.

This plates contains: blueberry pizza (a first for me), raw marinated beef, tuna sushi, bbq lamb, naan with curry, and Chinese-style chicken.Blueberry pizza

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Soju tops world’s best selling alcohol list.

We knew it had to be at the top of the list considering the volume of soju that’s consumed in South Korea. Soju is also catching on in the UK and US. Besides straight-up shots, it’s great when mixed with juice to make cocktails. In case you were wondering, Jinro Soju is the best selling brand of soju.

91-Alcohol 192-Alcohol 2

Strawberry Castle Cake

Best cake company worldwide (really!). Please try it if you come to Korea.

Kim YoungMo bakery



Sticky rice cake sticks

가정 Glutinous rice cake sticks, sticky rice cake sticks – gajeong