The online race in Korea

PCThe Korea Times has an article this week that offers tips to get ahead in the online race: getting preferred university classes, train tickets during the holiday rush, and scoring good seats at a music concert.

Independence Day – August 15, 1945

Korean-FlagToday is the public holiday, Independence Day. It’s a celebration of Korea’s independence from Japan at the end of World War II. It has been a public holiday here since 1949.

As the holiday falls on a Thursday this year, many office workers have taken the following day off (Friday) and made it a 4-day weekend.

광복절gwang-bok-jeol – Korean Independence Day; Literally “Restoration of Light Day”

40 beautiful places to visit in Korea

CNN’s 40 beautiful places
to visit in Korea. They’ve compiled some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen of Korea. How many of these have you visited?

Gangnam’s Yangjae Stream

Seoul’s southern district, Gangnam, holds one of the cities greatest park and recreation areas – Yangjae Stream.

Here’s a photo of a summer evening (tonight).

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Korean baseball and the rise of the female fan base


The number of female fans attending baseball games is near even with males. It’s no surprise as the local game is a bit more accessible (and fun). Continue reading