Easy to Learn Korean 1016 – Asia’s most stinky fish – hongeo.

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Samsung profits slow for second straight quarter.

Korean conglomerate Samsung reported a second straight quarter of falling operating profits. Operating profits fell 3.3% from this time last year. This was primarily due to sluggish high-end phone sales and increasing competition from Chinese handset makers. Financial experts also look to Samsung’s over-reliance on handset sales and are saying that the company should look for a different growth model.

Easy to Learn Korean 1015 – Hyeong! – older brother.

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Where do our readers come from?

Here’s a breakdown of EasyToLearnKorean.com page views for the last year. It’s not a complete list, but it does show where our top readers are located. Thanks for following the series and please share your feedback with us: email us

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Easy to Learn Korean 1014 – Expressions: first come, first served.

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