More men marrying older women

Wedding According to Statistics Korea (NSO), the average age of a Seoul female getting married has risen to over 30 years. Older wife-younger husband couples make up 17% of the total number of married couples in Korea.
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Easy to Learn Korean 817 – Car Accident

817-Car Accident

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South Korea requests talks with the North to resume business at the Gaesong Industrial Complex

175 South Korean workers remain at the closed Gaeseong Industrial Complex across the border in North Korea. 53,000 North Korean factory workers are out of work while the complex remains closed. South Korea requested talks on Wednesday to resume business at Gaeseong, however the North refused to discuss the matter. Story here.

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Easy to Learn Korean 816 – Hair Salon (Part Two)

816-Hair Salon 2

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Easy to Learn Korean 815 – Hair Salon

815.Hair Salon

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