Easy to Learn Korean 297 – Birthday Cake.

Blueberry Crepe Cake

Many Korean bakeries and pastry shops make fantastic birthday cakes. While a bit expensive, they include tall candles, matches, and a plastic cutting knife upon request. A complete birthday set!

Prices for premium cakes range from 20,000-40,000Won (approx. $20-40). My favorite is green tea cake.

    blueberry crepe – 블루 베리 크레페 (beullu beri keure-pe)
    green tea cake – 녹차 케이크 (nok-cha keikeu)


Easy to Learn Korean 322 – BBQ Shellfish 조개구이.

Grilled Shellfish


ol>Grilled Shellfish322-Seafood - shellfish

BBQ Shellfish – 조개구이 (jogae-gui)
조개 – shellfish
구이 – barbeque/BBQ

I found a great BBQ shellfish restaurant in Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do. The price was 17,000Won per person with unlimited refills of shellfish.