1000+ Articles – Updates on the Series.

We hope you’re finding some of the improved searching capabilities of our website to be useful. It’s an ongoing effort but all the requested features have been implemented.

On other fronts, our continual focus on practical spoken and written expressions is something you won’t find in any other series about Korean. Take today’s posting as an example.

These easy to learn expressions are not only used in everyday conversations, but can also be found in Korean TV dramas and film. For us, it’s a fascinating look at how these expressions came to be; sometimes even tracing the roots to borrowed English or Chinese – as is the case in today’s post.

Even though our articles are limited in length and scope, each English word is chosen to be as close as possible to the Korean words. This aids readers in learning key vocabulary words. This is the case when the English sometimes becomes a little awkward; it’s intentional to keep the true meaning of the expression alive. Simply put, many Korean expressions don’t have an exact matching English expression due to cultural differences (and that’s what makes it fun).

Thanks for following us and we hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come!

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